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Sand Blasting Sand Blasting
Duration: 31

The final painted trailer The final painted trailer
Duration: 109

Blasting steel girders Blasting steel girders
Duration: 309

Introduction Introduction
Duration: 91

Painting a semi-trailer Painting a semi-trailer
Duration: 301

Customer referral Customer referral
Duration: 301

Underwater Sandblasting Underwater Sandblasting
Duration: 241

Blasting on the railroad Blasting on the railroad
Duration: 195

Blasting an 8,000 gallon gas tank Blasting an 8,000 gallon gas tank
Duration: 156

Blasting in a confined space Blasting in a confined space
Duration: 543

Blasting a cannon Blasting a cannon
Duration: 252


Dry Blasting??

Of course, and what do you take that with:

 - Copper Slag

- Coal Slag

- Walnut Shells

- Garnet

- Crushed Glass

- Wheat Starch


Wet Blasting??

Yes, would you like that with Garnet or Crushed Glass?


Multiple sizes and styles of Sanstorm pots,

Need a second pot for a different media, no problem. Run 2 or 3 different pots and media on the same job at the same time...No Problem!


Industrial Blast does not use soda as a media. Soda can have dire consequences on your plants and your grasses as it can change the PH and kill it. The containment costs make it undesirable as a blast media.



Pictures of Assured Excavating's Equipment


In October and November of 2013, I went over to the Orlando area and sandblasted, primed and painted 8 pieces of construction equipment for Assured Excavating. The pictures in my Gallery show you my "shop" was a stand of trees on a construction site and if you look carefully at the pictures, you can see the reflections off the paint of the trees and other surrounding stuff. It's difficult to get that quality of paint work 'in the field', but I do it all the time! The owner was so happy with my work, he has asked me to come back and do more equipment. I will post video this time and show you first hand how I do what I do! In fact, I will continue adding more and more pictures and videos as time goes on. Thanks for taking the time to look at my website! Billy.

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