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Industrial Blast a Cannon
we blasted a ww2 cannon for the veterans memorial in tampa, fl
Industrial Blast a Confined Space
DescriptionIndustrial Blast a Confined Space with your favorite sandblaster billy mclain @ industrialblast.com 727.482.9403
Industrial Blast--8000 Gallon Gas Tank
Billy McLain of Industrial Blast show us how he rejuvenates an 8000 Gallon Gas Tank...underground! www.industrialblast.com 727-482-9403
Industrial Blast -- Workin' On The Railroad!
Billy Mclain of Industrial Blast, your favorite sandblaster, shows us how he ended up "working on the railroad" at Largo Central Park. www.industrialblast.com 727-482-9403
Sandblasting Tampa Bay - Underwater Sandblasting - Port of Tampa - 727 482 9403
Sandblasting Underwater! Billy Your Favorite Sandblaster http://industrialblast.com shows how to sandblast steel piers underwater at the Port of Tampa Florida. Listen to the dive master as he talks about this very unusual industrial sand blasting job! Watch the divers enter the murky sea water and...
Clearwater Welding Mobile Service 727-482-9403 Billy Repairs Steel Stairs on top of Condo
Clearwater FL, Billy Your Favorite Sandblaster http://industrialblast.com does welding to repair a steel fire escape ladder for a beach front condominium commercial building.
Sandblasting Pinellas 727-482-9403 Billy Sandblasts Antique Airstream Trailer in Cleawater FL
Sandblasting Pinellas. Billy Your Favorite Sandblaster removes rust and old paint from an antique 1966 Overlander Airstream Trailer in Clearwater Florida. Billy's industrial mobile sandblasting truck can handle your delicate refinishing project. Watch as the owner Gene tells us about his special res...
Sandblasting Tampa 727-482-9403 Painting Semi Truck Trailer IndustrialBlast.com
Sandblasting Tampa Hillsboro FL. Billy Your Favorite Sandblaster Refinishes a 50 Ton 3 Axle Low Boy Semi Truck Trailer. Removing Rust and Old Paint with his Mobile Sandblasting. Professional Spray Painting Epoxy Primer and Polyurethane Paint. If You Need Sandblasting Heavy Equipment in Tampa, Call 7...
Sandblasting Tampa Sandblasting Pinellas IndustrialBlast.com
Billy Your Favorite Sandblaster introduces IndustrialBlast.com, a Professional Sandblasting, Welding, and Spray Painting Service in Tampa Bay. Remove rust, remove paint from concrete. Call now for FREE Quote: Billy 727-482-9403
Sandblasting Clearwater Sand Blasting Steel Building Girders in Tampa Bay FL
Your Favorite Sandblaster Billy sand blasts structural steel building girders. The owner purchased several large steel warehouses as used. The steel girders needed to have the rust and old paint removed. Billy's heavy duty mobile sandblasting truck does quick work of this large job. Billy shows us h...
Sandblasting Clearwater Sandblasting Largo - IndustrialBlast.com - Painted Trailer
After Billy sandblasted all the old paint and rust off, here is the finished trailer. Billy is working hard to be your favorite sandblaster. This job was in Clearwater FL, Pinellas County. Billy can do your sandblasting, painting, or welding anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. And remember... Billy will...
Sandblasting Clearwater FL Sandblasting St Petersburg FL - Rust Removal - IndustrialBlast.com
Billy sandblasting in Clearwater FL. Commercial sandblast equipment removes rust and paint quickly. The sand blast nozzle creates a 3" diameter blast area. If you want to know how to remove rust quickly, then hire a professional sandblaster like Billy. For more information... go to IndustrialBl...


Dry Blasting??

Of course, and what do you take that with:

 - Copper Slag

- Coal Slag

- Walnut Shells

- Garnet

- Crushed Glass

- Wheat Starch


Wet Blasting??

Yes, would you like that with Garnet or Crushed Glass?


Multiple sizes and styles of Sanstorm pots,

Need a second pot for a different media, no problem. Run 2 or 3 different pots and media on the same job at the same time...No Problem!


Industrial Blast does not use soda as a media. Soda can have dire consequences on your plants and your grasses as it can change the PH and kill it. The containment costs make it undesirable as a blast media.



Pictures of Assured Excavating's Equipment


In October and November of 2013, I went over to the Orlando area and sandblasted, primed and painted 8 pieces of construction equipment for Assured Excavating. The pictures in my Gallery show you my "shop" was a stand of trees on a construction site and if you look carefully at the pictures, you can see the reflections off the paint of the trees and other surrounding stuff. It's difficult to get that quality of paint work 'in the field', but I do it all the time! The owner was so happy with my work, he has asked me to come back and do more equipment. I will post video this time and show you first hand how I do what I do! In fact, I will continue adding more and more pictures and videos as time goes on. Thanks for taking the time to look at my website! Billy.

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